Who will take care of it?

 During the anarchy period in our country that we lost the mere existence as a sovereign nation and the honor of belonging to a recognized nation, many Somali citizens suffered huge losses that can not be concluded within this short space. The lack of security inside the country , the inter-clan fighting in some parts of the country and all tragedies and difficulties associated with anarchy are at least noticed and attempts to overcome them being made by installing an interim government that is so far unable to function. What about the many unnoticed or unaccounted for losses that need emergency care .

 Who will take care of them?

Let me refresh our memory to mention some of them so that all the concerned and those with the ability to change will try to take care of them.

Who till take care of  them?

  • The Somali child from low class family who could have completed high school education and started a Somali National University , had there been a government.

  • The wastage of potential Somali wisdom from genius Somali Thinkers, scientists , Medical Doctors ,Writers, Politicians, Historians, Engineers, Lawyers, Psychologists, Philosophers and Islamic Scholars. The wisdom could have contributed to the development of a strong and progressive Somali society as well as to the global peace and prosperity in the world.

·         The Prevention and containment of the spread of critically epidemic diseases through vaccination & other national campaigns.

·         The Preservation of national heritage and prevention of environmental decay in the country.

·         The Somali workers in the Arab Gulf countries, who are arrested, harassed and deported causing some of them financial losses, moral breakdown and social abuse.

·         The Prevention of Somali values in the world's silent competition.

·         The prevention of the possibility of going back to Square One after fifteen years of hard struggle against anarchy.

·         The protection of Somali national shares in the internationally accepted natural resources distribution and participation roles : -

·         The illegal fishing in Somali waters by foreign fishing boats.
The illegal dumping of the Atomic waste materials in the Somali sea waters.

·         Depletion of the Somali livestock due to improper care & feeding.

·         Other universal resources that are to be shared each country drawing as per agreed proportion.

·         The banning of importation of socially harmful, long expired food products and illegal arms to the country that only a national government could have understood the extent of the damage.

·         The uncensored media flow in the country that attracts filthy minds to the country.

·         Decrease in the weight of the Somali national flag in the United Nations Organization chamber (On request, further explanation will be given on this point).

·         Lack of Government nurtured public view about international politics
( Today the Somali public political favouring can be snatched or distracted any time ).

·         The total destruction of the public confidence to any government in the future.

·         The Somali Business Man with his national passport who is denied entry visa to any country in the world because the Somali national passport is not recognized any where in the world.

·         The loss of the proud way of saying - "Hey I am a Somali".

If you never realized that above losses ever occurred since the anarchy in Somalia, you better stand up to learn more.

If you knew all these and more losses but never cared about them , you are part of the loss the nation suffered since the civilian uprising. The nation lost you and the thousands of potential citizens like you who are careless to the problems in the country just like a foreigner. Correct yourself and come back to where you belong. Feel concerned and worried along with the others to make the necessary change.

If you knew all these losses and made your best attempts to save the nation but feel that unskilled drivers are trying to lead us all to an unknown destination, never give up hope and let us join hands to save the nation together.

Take the pen to submit your opinion to the New Somali Group that is committed to initiate a total change.

Awes A. Osman
The New Somalia Group