Buluugleey May 14, 2005 

Early ‘90s Bay and Bakool was the scene of famine and starvation that has captured worldwide attention.   

It is unconstitutional for the president in exile to wage war on the people of Bay and Bakool for the sole purpose of establishing his unlawful seat in Baidoa. 

Somali civil society, traditional elders and religious affairs leaders ought to oppose to any member of the TFG who wants to ignite war in Baidoa.The people of Baidoa do not have the means to support or sustain a renewed conflict.  This week, local news in Somalia reported that more than 150 families in anticipation of a conflict migrated from Baidoa heading toward Mogadiscio. These families will add on to an estimated 100,000 people previously counted as Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) living in the capital.

Any member of the Somali TFG who will attack unarmed civilians and will cause a mass suffering will be brought to justice as stated in article 5 of the Statue of the International Criminal Court (ICC).   ICC Statute entered into force on 1 July 2002.

We must also keep in mind of the prolonged suffering of the people of Somalia. We the citizen of Somalia have the responsibility to defy through public demonstration, by contacting your MPs and requesting traditional elders in these regions to stop supporting the faction allied with Ethiopians who are presently in Hudur. 

We must also ask ourselves is this picture of a starving child the PERPETUAL FAITH of Somalia?


Amina Abdi Mohamud